Is China behind the hacker attack on the Indian electricity grid? Are there Chinese hackers behind the cyber attack on the Indian electricity distribution network? The article by Giuseppe Gagliano

The Indian energy sector has been targeted by hackers in a long-term operation thought to have been carried out by a Chinese group. According to research from Insikt Group, Recorded Future’s Threat Research Division based in Massachusetts, hackers targeted seven Indian power plants responsible for controlling the power grid. PERPETRATED ATTACK THROUGH TROJAN SHADOWPAD To carry out this attack, the Chinese group allegedly used a Trojan, namely the ShadowPad, which is believed to have been developed by contractors from the Chinese Ministry of Security. This Trojan is in fact the characteristic figure of those hacker groups linked to the People’s Liberation Army and the Chinese Ministry of Security. THE POSITION OF THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT Indian Energy Minister R.K. Singh said the report was not a cause for concern. “We are always prepared,” he said. “We have a very robust security system. We are always vigilant ”. IT IS NOT THE FIRST CYBERNETIC ATTACK FOR INDIA However, it is not the first time that there have been such attacks. In fact, the same American research group had already detected and reported a suspected hacker attack promoted by China aimed at targeting the Indian energy sector in February 2021. THE OBJECTIVE OF THE HACKERS It is clear that the purpose is not to take sensitive information but to test the capacity of an important critical infrastructure such as that of the power grid when it is subjected to a hacker attack. In short, these actions must be seen as preliminary and preparatory to more far-reaching hacker attacks.