Accenture, Dal Cin at the head of world security

He will take office on May 1st and lead an international team of 16,000 cybersecurity professionals. President and CEO Julie Sweet: "Cyber resilience is a priority, we focus on specialist sector skills and hard-to-find talent" 20 Apr 2022 A. S.

Paolo Dal Cin (pictured) is the new head of Accenture Security worldwide: he will take office on May 1st and will also be a member of the company's Global Management Committee. “Cyber resilience - explains Julie Sweet, president and CEO of Accenture - is a priority for CEOs, and we are helping organizations to tackle this difficult environment with specialized sectoral skills and hard-to-find talent. Paolo has a deep understanding of what organizations need to defend themselves more effectively from cyber threats and will continue to leverage our leadership in cybersecurity services, adding even more value to customers in a complex economic landscape like the current one. " Joining Accenture in 2003, Dal Cin was at the helm of the company's business security in Europe, having built and led Accenture's cybersecurity unit in Italy, Central Europe, Greece, Latin America and the Middle East. He also has more than 20 years of experience working with clients in sectors such as telecommunications, media, financial services, utilities and the public sector. He specializes in cybersecurity strategy, business resilience, cyber defense, cloud protection, incident response, and managed security services. "Paolo is an outstanding and respected cybersecurity leader, he has helped some of the largest organizations in the world to create a safe and reliable environment for partners and customers - says Paul Daugherty, group chief executive - Technology and chief technology officer of Accenture - He has a strong leadership, global experience in the sector and has repeatedly demonstrated that it knows how to give the growth of the business that impetus that will allow our skills in the Security sector to make a further leap in quality ". “Cybersecurity is too often seen as a technology problem and not a priority for businesses. I am thrilled to lead a group of talented professionals, committed to redesigning the conversation with top management to help build a more cyber-resilient business, which incorporates security across the organization - comments Dal Cin - With our unrivaled capabilities end-to-end, specialized services and industry knowledge, we work as a single team that combines technology and talent to help organizations define and implement a better cybersecurity strategy for today and tomorrow ”.

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