All the technological innovations of Ukrainian intelligence by Giuseppe Gagliano

What is the TyHto app of the Ukrainian company YouControl at Kiev Intelligence for? The article by Giuseppe Gagliano

Technological move by Ukraine in the field of anti-Russian intelligence. The intelligence of Kiev, the SBU, in collaboration with the Ukrainian company YouControl developed an application called TyHto in April through which it will be possible to check the authenticity of identity documents through a broad and detailed comparison of these data with different databases available to the YouControl system. It is clear that this sophisticated tool will be used above all to identify Russian and Belarusian operative agents on Ukrainian territory. The technological refinement of this tool is such that by taking a simple photo of the alleged foreign agent it will be possible to check if the person photographed is included in a database considered dangerous for Ukraine. The YouControl company is led by Mikhail Horobtsov who had previously collaborated with Ukrainian intelligence on similar projects. This very simple and very efficient tool will give the security services a considerable advantage over the Russians. • April 30, 2022