Android smartphones, security at risk since September. Bitdefender launches the alert

With the release of release 13 of Google's operating system, devices that do not support the new version will remain "discovered" by updates. The company warns: 35% of devices will be exposed to threats Jun 21st, 2022 Veronica Balocco

From next September, almost a third of smartphones will be equipped with an outdated and unsupported Android operating system. Bitdefender analyzed the devices running Bitdefender mobile security on Android to understand the distribution of the operating system over the entire range and the immediate future of the platform in terms of cybersecurity. Android devices account for about 70% of the market, but many of these are a security risk as Google no longer supports them. Google has released many Android versions over the past 14 years, and only the last three versions will continue to receive support. It is in fact a custom for companies to no longer provide support after some time on specific products. Google launches a new version of the operating system every year and supports it on average for three years. Many users, however, continue to use the devices for several years with a huge security risk being no longer supported. Index of topics • Safety as a factor influencing the purchase choice • Cybercriminals look at statistics • Don't underestimate security patches Safety as a factor influencing the purchase choice When users choose a new smartphone, they usually consider the screen size, ease of use, processing power, image quality, and many other features. Unfortunately, the duration of software support in terms of security is rarely a decisive factor in choosing a device. When a device reaches the end of its life cycle, it still works and if the user is satisfied with its performance, continue to use it. This is where security-related issues can occur. When a manufacturer stops support for a device, the user is free to use it, but if a vulnerability is discovered, the company will no longer apply patches, and although the device still performs its functions, it is extremely vulnerable.

Cybercriminals look at statistics Outdated and unsupported devices are among the best friends of cybercriminals, especially those still in use. Unlike iOS-based devices, the space of the Android operating system is fragmented. You can still find devices with android versions launched a decade ago and they are much more widespread than you might think. Bitdefender analyzed the devices that use the Bitdefender mobile security solution on Android to understand the distribution of the operating system over the entire range considering Android 10 as the latest supported version and that will probably reach the end of life in September 2022, when Google is expected to announce Android 13. When support for Android 10 is no longer available in September, 35% of Android devices with Bitdefender mobile security will no longer have Google support, and many devices still use operating systems that are five years old and older. Don't underestimate security patches Whenever a new vulnerability emerges, the first tip is always the same, regardless of the platform: apply the latest security patches as soon as possible.