Anonymous, who are the hackers who declared war on the Russians

In the 21st century, wars are fought on multiple fronts, and computer wars can be one of the most dangerous. Indeed, the hacker group "Anonymous" has declared "cyber war" to Russia to help Ukraine slow down Russia through technology. Through a video that went viral, hackers immediately condemned the actions carried out by the Russian government. Videos are already circulating on the web where Anonymous takes control of Russian TV, broadcasting images of the war in Ukraine on all channels. The hacker group is already notorious for similar actions in the past, operating against threats such as Isis and the KKK. Anonymous, who are the hackers behind the Guy Fawkes mask The hacker group Anonymous defines itself as a collaborative project with activists from different countries. The group is diverse and is made up of people of the working class who are looking for a better future for humanity. Even though they have different political views and ideas, hackers share values such as freedom of information, speech and truth. The origin of the group dates back to 2003, when for the first time they appeared and began to anonymously publish images and content on the internet. Anonymous declares cyber war on the Russian government Lately, Anonymous has intervened on an IT level in the clash between Russia and Ukraine. Their speech made headlines through online channels, web publications and social media. These are targeted actions that were communicated through a video that went viral. The group places itself in an external condition with respect to the geopolitical movements and the states involved, but reiterates its position of condemnation against the events in Ukraine. Cyber war: what are the actions of Anonymous against Russia Anonymous was activated immediately, from the first hours of the invasion of Russia. They initially attacked the Russian government by making the Kremlin site unreachable. They subsequently attacked the Ministry of Defense website and hacked television broadcasts. On all Russian televisions they showed images of the war in Ukraine, to show the truth to all citizens. The Internet and digital have now a great importance, especially in the information age. The timeliness of the dissemination of news is precisely the reason that highlighted the intervention of Anonymous in defense of Ukraine.