Apple at risk of hackers. The alert to users: "Update iPhone, iPad and Mac"

Cupertino releases a new version of operating systems after discovering a flaw that could allow cybercriminals to take control of devices and exfiltrate their data

19 Aug 2022

A. S.

Update the operating system of your Apple devices as soon as possible. To communicate it to its customers is the Cupertino house, which is running for cover after discovering a vulnerability that could allow cybercriminals to  bypass the defenses of different models of iPhone, iPad and Mac, accessing the confidential data of their owners.

To be affected by the appeal launched by Apple on the company's website are the iPhones starting from the 6S generation, the iPad Pro and those from the fifth release onwards, and mac personal computers.

In the old version of the system, according to what Apple reconstructed, "an application can use arbitrary code" that could allow any attackers to be operational – without the authorization of those directly concerned – within the targeted devices.

"This possibility may have already been exploited" by hackers, adds Apple, which however does not say more and does not go into details, admitting to having received the report from an anonymous group of researchers.

To conspire for any future attacks , the Cupertino house asks users to download version 15.6.1 of iOs in the case of iPhone, iPadOS 15.6.1 for iPad and macOS Monterey 12.5.1 for Macs.

One of the vulnerabilities found is Apple's WebKit software, which is used to display content in web browsers, whereby "a cybercriminal could insert malware into a user's device who only viewed an otherwise harmless web page," explains cybersecurity firm Sophos.  The second vulnerability concerns the so-called kernel, the central part of the operating system, and would have put any attackers who had already gained access to the devices in a position to access all types of user data.

Today's alarm follows a series of other alerts launched by Apple in recent months, all resolved thanks to the release of ad hoc updates.