Audi and Volkswagen have stolen data from over 3 million customers But if it happens to some of us, what should we do? Umberto RAPETTO Giugno 13, 2021

The judicial authorities of California and Maine are working for a "data Breach" that hit Volkswagen Group of America that has in hand the US and Canadian operations on behalf of Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini. A supplier of the automotive giant has left on display on the Internet - without any valid protection - a significant amount of personal data for almost two years (from August 2019 to May 2021), compromising the confidentiality of 3 million and 300 thousand customers.

The brutal looting of these computer files that have been unduly unattended is likely to complicate the life of those who do not know that they have taken away not only their name and surname, personal or business postal address, e-mail and telephone number, but also much more sensitive data such as social security references, tax ID, insurance coverage, confidential news of the loan or financing with which the vehicle was purchased, the credit card used, bank details.. . The "swag" of information has certainly triggered criminal activity of more different kinds, not least targeted phishing initiatives with email messages that may seem to have been sent by Audi and Volkswagen because they are accompanied by elements that only the customer and the car manufacturer know about. The vast amount of time that has elapsed makes it literally impossible to define how many people might have had undue access to such a wealth of data. what to do in such circumstances Even if it is late those who think they have been robbed of "sensitive" personal information should not be late to freeze their credit report, alerting the bank and the insurance company, and to monitor (even if it is not easy) possible attempts at identity theft. This kind of caution also applies here. Certain "self-defense techniques" it is preferable to learn them in advance, without waiting for nefarious circumstances.