Censorship and VPN will grow together: the search

VPN Privacy Security More and more users are relying on (and will rely on) tools like VPNs to get around censorship and online blocks imposed by governments. Pexels

The more governments choose to enforce restrictions on how they access information online, the more users will organize themselves accordingly, relying on solutions such as VPNs and other systems that can circumvent blocks and censorship. This is what emerges from a new research conducted by Hola and published today. VPNs as a response to online censorship The study was conducted in China, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates, involving a total of about 2,000 people. According to what has emerged, 82% of those involved believe that, over the next year, there will be a strong growth in the adoption of these technologies. The peak was recorded in the Chinese territory, where we already have to deal with similar obstacles. The limitations have negative effects on the population, in various respects. According to the opinions gathered, in 43% of cases they have repercussions on access to essential information in the field of education, while 29% say they cannot consult sources considered reliable regarding the retrieval of news about current events and what is happening in the world. We report in translated form the words of Avi Raz Cohen, General Manager of Hola. The Internet has created a borderless resource that everyone can benefit from, but due to geopolitical interference it is becoming "closed" in some regions. We must all work together to avoid this. As the research shows, users struggle to access, among other things, educational material and online news. That is unacceptable. We agree with them that, in these regions, technology companies should do more to tackle the problem. A key weapon in the battle is the tools to make web content free, useful to avoid blocking. If you're looking for a secure and reliable Virtual Private Network, you'll be able to subscribe to ExpressVPN annually at this time with a 35% discount. It includes advanced features such as access to 10 Gbps servers located in 94 countries around the world. This article contains affiliate links: purchases or orders placed through such links will allow our site to receive a commission. Source: Business Wire • VPNs don't respond to anything– operators are now organizing to recognize VPN traffic and block it.