Chris Inglis as head of cybersecurity It will have to coordinate the federal agencies and to supervise the implementation of the strategies of defense digital Stefano GAZZELLAGiugno 21, 2021

While Italy expects the formation of the National Agency for Cybersecurity, complete with totonomine and cousins casting, overseas the Senate confirms Chris Inglis, an Air Force veteran with thirty years experience at the NSA, as the National Cyber Director of the United States of America. The role of the first star-spangled cyberspace vigilante will be to coordinate federal agencies and oversee the implementation of digital defense strategies. After the attacks of Solarwinds and Colonial Pipeline, the response given with the Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity aims at a strategic plan on several levels and, above all, of long duration. A part of Congress requires greater continuity and institutional stability in the management of cybersecurity: with the Obama administration, in fact, a coordinator was created within the National Security Council, while with the Trump administration the role was eliminated as it was no longer necessary. In short: the correct approach cannot require easy solutions that end exclusively with the presentation of a task force created ad hoc and accompanied by enthusiastic narratives.