Cyber attack on Colonial Pipeline, America too vulnerable? di Giuseppe Gagliano
Attacco cyber a Colonial Pipeline, America troppo vulnerabile?

What lies behind the hacker attack against Colonial Pipeline. Giuseppe Gagliano’s news On May 7, the Colonial Pipeline suffered a cyber offensive that American intelligence attributed to a Russian cybercrime organization, known as the Darkside.


This cyber offensive has been so effective as to allow this organization to appropriate about 100 GB of confidential data and has forced the Colonial Pipeline to stop the pipeline system that runs for 8,850 km and allows the supply of the entire East American Coast with a volume of 2,5 million barrels of gasoline, diesel and other petroleum products per day.


The reaction by the Russian embassy in Washington on 11 May was obvious and predictable; it rejected with determination and disdain the accusations made by the United States.


Indipendentemente dalle reazioni prevedibili da parte dell’ambasciata russa ci sono alcuni fatti oggettivi che non possono essere certamente negati e fra questi l’ingerenza russa proprio attraverso sia l’offensiva cyber nelle elezioni statunitensi del novembre del 2020 sia quella contro la società americana SolarWinds Corps. THE RUSSIAN AMBITIONS Assuming that these cyber-attacks have been carried out by Russia, there is no doubt that Russia has hitherto demonstrated unquestionable cyberwar efficiency and danger, danger that before these attacks had certainly been underestimated or at least underestimated by American intelligence analysts. AMERICA VULNERABLE, IS IT? Secondly, despite the massive government funding to major US cyber intelligence agencies, including the famous NSA, For the umpteenth time, the United States has demonstrated a dangerous vulnerability that is totally unacceptable and unacceptable for a nation that aims to have a global hegemony at a technological level.