Cybercrime, FS on alert for suspected hacker attack: stop on ticket sales

The company highlights "elements that could lead to a cryptolocker infection on the corporate IT network". Checks in progress. No impact on rail traffic 23 Mar 2022 Veronica Balocco

The computer network of Ferrovie dello Stato would have been hit by a hacker attack. The company reports that "elements have been detected on the corporate IT network this morning that could lead to phenomena related to a cryptolocker infection", a cyberattack that blocks computer systems in order to extort a ransom. Verification activities on the network started immediately. The sale of tickets has also been blocked both in physical ticket offices and in self-service stations in the stations, while online sales are operating. It is possible to buy tickets on the train FS also warns that "even the booking of the services of the Rfi Blue Rooms may not take place with the usual regularity", but still ensures that "passengers are allowed to board the train and present themselves to the conductor to purchase the ticket without a surcharge" and that "the malfunctions recorded do not impact on the railway traffic which proceeds regularly". The cryptolocker is a form of ransomware that encrypts the victim's data and then demands a payment for the decryption. According to a recent Trend Micro report, ransomware attacks in 2020 increased by 150% year on year with a doubling of the average amount of extortion. A trend that puts victim organizations at risk not only from a financial point of view but also from a reputational point of view: the average cost of a breach exceeds 4.2 million dollars, but the figure can reach higher levels if ransomware is involved.

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