Cybercrime, Leonardo's alarm: "Tlc in the sights of hackers"

Digital infrastructures at the center of violations aimed at the theft of sensitive communications, according to the analysis of the "Cyber Threats Snapshot". Focus on scam emails that exploit the recipient's alleged contact with a positive colleague on the Omicron variant

15 Feb 2022 L. O.

IT infrastructures are at risk of attacks aimed at the theft of sensitive user communications and espionage to the detriment of companies, governments and law enforcement agencies. This was revealed by the Cyber Threats Snapshot Report analysis conducted by Leonardo's Global Security Operation Center in the months between October and December, according to which if the sectors most affected by malevolent actors (the threat actors) were government and defense, aerospace and healthcare, there is also a growing attention to telecommunications companies. And not only as regards their computer systems such as software or networks, but also the infrastructures themselves. Index of topics • The danger of eavesdropping • New wave of malspam • Human factor: a crucial issue The danger of eavesdropping The purpose of the attacks is the interception of sensitive user communications and spying against specific targets such as companies, politicians, government officials, law enforcement agencies and political activists.

New wave of malspam

According to the report, a new malspam campaign, or the receipt of e-mails or messages containing malicious links or attachments, which exploits Covid-19, has also characterized the last quarter of 2021. The scam e-mails sent to the victims contain information relating to an alleged contact of the recipient with a positive colleague on the Omicron variant. The victim, Leonardo's experts, is invited to view an attachment. By opening it and enabling its content, the malware is automatically downloaded and begins to search for banking credentials and / or to obtain remote access on the infected device. Human factor: a crucial issue More generally, the SOC report highlights how malspam campaigns continue to be the most used tool to violate IT systems because they are often facilitated by the actions of people, "the victims", who, unaware, put the integrity of personal data or business systems. The human factor in cyber security remains a crucial issue. Leonardo analysts also reported that a serious vulnerability was detected in December which caused much concern among experts. The software that presents this vulnerability is in fact one of the most important tools for managing the application logging libraries used by companies, even in the context of websites and online services, and it is estimated that it could be present on about 3 billion devices. globally. In summary, this vulnerability allowed external users to penetrate systems, remotely executing malicious code. Due to the spread of this software on a global scale and the ease of execution of attacks, the vulnerability received a criticality rating of 10 out of 10.

COMMENT. If Leonardo, who prides himself on having solutions, limits himself to making catastrophic announcements, it means that the solutions proposed are insufficient. Maybe he should evaluate our solutions.