Cybercrime, the Cybersecurity Agency rejects the Killnet attack

Mitigate DDoS intrusions against the portal of Csirt, the response task force of the body led by Baldoni. The "compliments" of the hacker collective: "In the team excellent specialists" 01 Jun 2022 F. Me

The National Cybersecurity Agency rejects the attack by the hacker collective Killnet. In the late afternoon of May 30, a long cyber attack of over 10 hours affected the institutional portal of Csirt Italia, the response team of the National Cybersecurity Agency. The action, announced and later claimed by the pro-Russian collective Killnet, was rejected, according to CSIRT itself. Like the previous ones that hit institutional sites in recent weeks, the attack of May 30 was of the Ddos type (Distributed denial of service): in practice, a huge amount of requests are sent to the target website, which is not able to handle them and therefore to function properly. The offensive, which took place in three waves, was mitigated "by Anti-DDoS systems to protect the portal, without affecting the availability of the website for lawful users", informs the same Team, which recommends the adoption of the protection measures indicated in the previous alerts. Killnet's reaction The timely and effective action of the CSIRT provoked the reaction of the hacker collective. "Csirt Italian, excellent specialists work in this organization – reads a message posted by Killnet on Telegram – I have carried out thousands of attacks on such organizations, even cyberpol does not have such a system to filter millions of requests. At the moment I see that these guys are good professionals! False Italian government, I advise you to increase the salary of several thousand dollars to this team. Csirt Accept my respects gentlemen."

Also posted a gif: in the background the logo of the Csirt and a hanged man. "I just praised the site and their team. The remaining thousands of Italian sites that do not work, it is a pity – reads another post – We will not publish this list because people have to see everything for themselves. I hope the Italian monitoring system will do it for us." And finally another sibylline message posted by Killnet: "I forgot to tell my favorite Csirts, don't forget to correct this error. Your database is not working properly." After Sunday's threats from pro-Russian hackers, who spoke of an "irreparable blow", the ACN had launched an alert. However, yesterday there were only marginal criticalities.