Cybersecurity enterprise, investment race: 226 billion dollars by 2027

Growth rate of 26% in five years, estimates Juniper Research: the driving force is the awareness of risks, especially ransomware and DDoS. Aws, IBM, Cisco, Oracle and Sophos in the top 5 of the suppliers. The key technology machine learning 06 Jun 2022 Patrizia Licata journalist

Enterprises around the world are increasingly aware of cyber threats and their costs, and are therefore strongly enhancing their investments in cybersecurity technologies and solutions. According to the latest study by Juniper Research, the value of the enterprise cybersecurity market will exceed $226 billion in 2027, compared to an estimated $179 billion for 2022. This is a growth of 26% over the next five years that reflects the growing maturity of the market that continues to evolve in the face of the emergence of new and more sophisticated threats. Index of topics • Ransomware and DDoS drive investment • AWS and IBM are the big names in the market thanks to the cloud • Machine learning the key technology to defend yourself • Big names must ally themselves with cybersecurity startups Ransomware and DDoS Drive Investment The report, entitled "Cybersecurity: Key trends, Competitor leaderboard and Market forecasts 2022-2027", highlights the increased awareness of companies in the face of vulnerabilities and cyber threats. Ransomware and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are best known, and are strongly pushing investment.

Among the vendors, Juniper Research has included AWS, IBM, Cisco, Oracle and Sophos in the "Competitor leaderboard" ranking of cybersecurity, considering them the five largest vendors for innovation and current and future ability to compete in the market. AWS and IBM are the big names in the market thanks to the cloud "Cloud computing has truly transformed enterprises, and it's no surprise that two of the largest cloud computing providers, AWS and IBM, are also number one in the cybersecurity market," said Juniper analyst Damla Sat. "For cloud providers, robust cybersecurity is a basic requirement, and by offering in-house cybersecurity solutions, AWS and IBM take advantage of their existing and large user base and acquire businesses and capabilities as needed to improve and expand their offering." Juniper Research's Competitor Leaderboard is an independent assessment of the market positioning of the largest vendors in the cybersecurity market. The methodology includes the analysis of vendor characteristics such as capabilities, products, business size, financial performance and level of innovation in the cybersecurity offering. Machine learning the key technology to defend against each other Juniper's research also highlights how the increasing deployments of cloud computing, as well as the use of remote work, in companies of all sizes, are increasing the "attack vectors" available to cybercriminals. The researchers highlight the value of machine learning technologies as a fundamental requirement of cybersecurity solutions because it improves response times to threats and allows us to keep up with the constant evolutions of the tactics used by cyber-criminals. Big names must ally themselves with cybersecurity startups To provide an adequate response to threats and attacks, cybersecurity technology providers must form strategic alliances with smaller, specialized vendors in order to acquire new data sources and specialized solutions and offer new services, such as unified threat management, or unified threat management. These alliances will allow the big players to remain competitive in a market that requires speed and a high rate of technological innovation.