Cybersecurity, Mulé: "Necessary tax relief for those who invest and produce in the sector"

Undersecretary of Defense: “Ransomware is like mafia protection. An operational nucleus is needed to trace the criminals and investments in skills and technologies to make the country safe. And we need to standardize the laws within the EU "

16 Dec 2021 A. S.

"I would like to launch a proposal that looks in a virtuous way at that public-private partnership that we want to enhance: hypothesizing tax relief for companies that invest and produce in the IT security sector can be not only an economic but also a security lever, which allows Italy to look to tomorrow without fear ". Speaking is Giorgio Mulé, Undersecretary of State for Defense, who this morning spoke at the work of the twelfth national conference on Cyber Warfare. “Ransomware must terrorize politics and institutions: for me it is like mafia protection - continues Mulé - For this we must now and now create an operational nucleus that knows how to intervene and trace the criminals. Not only that, we must be aware that these extortionists must not be paid. An awareness that is not only about the threat we face but also about training, technological innovation, the skills that make our country system safe ". A passage from the undersecretary's speech is then dedicated to the strategy outlined by the prime minister on cybersecurity: "President Draghi's words in view of the next European Council trace a clear path, having now matured that the looming threat is real both in the NATO context than national. It is becoming increasingly necessary and urgent to systematize not only defensive but also deterrent capabilities - under Mulé - so that public institutions, companies and national strategic assets are able to defend themselves from increasingly aggressive and dangerous threats to national security ". Then a passage on the possible decisions to be taken in the European context: "We must also have the ambition - adds the undersecretary - to standardize the laws of European countries in order to intervene together, as a single entity, in the event of cyber attacks. The government in this sense is doing a lot to tackle this challenge but we must be clear in mind that 'the enemy' wants there to be division and self-referentiality ". "For this - concludes Mulé - we must go in the direction taken and recalled by President Mario Draghi to get closer to an authentic European defense and encourage the construction of a common strategic culture".