Cybersecurity, the "Ciso community" of CDP subsidiaries is born

The IT security managers of the group companies create a network to develop synergies, collaboration and comparison. An Information Sharing and Analysis Center is also in the pipeline, as required by the national cybersecurity strategy 08 Jul 2022 A. S.

Develop synergies, collaboration and discussion on cybersecurity between the IT security managers of the companies owned by the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti group, in connection with the National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN). This is the purpose of the Ciso Community, a network that wants to contribute to maintaining a constant update on issues relevant to cyber for the Country System, in harmony with the provisions of the National Cybersecurity Strategy. The initiative was presented in recent days by the top management of CDP, with Giovanni Gorno Tempini and Dario Scannapieco, president and CEO of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, by the CEO of Cdp Equity Pierpaolo Di Stefano and by Roberto Baldoni, general manager of ACN. One of the objectives of the Ciso Community, reads a note, will be to create a Group Isac (Information Sharing and Analysis Center): a center in which to share information, best practices, guidelines, security alerts on cyber threats. The initiative was born in accordance with measure #35 of the National Cyber Strategy which provides for the creation of sectoral ISACs integrated with that of the ACN, also through public-private initiatives, so as to encourage the strengthening of information exchange for the increase of the country's IT resilience.