Cybersecurity, US and Ukraine strengthen cooperation

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) has signed a memorandum with its Kiev counterpart. Easterly: "Defense against unprecedented Russian cyber aggression" 28 Jul 2022 Lorenzo Forlani

The United States of America supports Ukraine more and more organically, and of course this assistance includes the dimension of cybersecurity. Yesterday the United States Agency for Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security (CISA) signed a memorandum of cooperation with Ukraine's counterpart, the Ukrainian State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine (SSSCIP), which provides for the strengthening of cooperation between the two countries in cyberspace, including the sharing of information and the conduct of joint training programs. This was announced, through a note published on the website, the director of the US agency, Jen Easterly. "I applaud Ukraine's heroic effort to defend its country from unprecedented cyber aggression by Russia," the U.S. official wrote in the statement. The memorandum of cooperation signed by CISA and SSSCIP will strengthen the sharing of information on "cyber incidents" between the two agencies, especially with regard to cyber attacks on critical infrastructure. The agreement also authorizes the CISA to conduct training and training activities for the staff of the Ukrainian agency.