Deepfake to get hired: the FBI alert

Safety There are those who support job interviews instead of real candidates, simulating their features through the use of advanced deepfakes . Pixabay

The evolution of artificial intelligence algorithms delegated to the creation of deepfakes are becoming increasingly evolved and accessible. Able to create real look-alikes of anyone, they are used in a fraudulent way even in job interviews for the recruitment of staff to be employed in smart working. To give news of this trend is FBI, issuing a warning addressed to US companies: better be careful. The last frontier of deepfakes: job interviews In short, by exploiting these systems, there are those who support the interview instead of the real candidate. In all likelihood, for a fee. It happens more frequently for roles related to technology, programming, database management and software. Sometimes, employers or their employees realize this from some unequivocal signs: the lack of synchronization between lip movement and speech or unnatural facial movements. On other occasions, however, no suspicion is aroused. Recently, the discussion about deepfakes has ignited after the possibility of seeing the European Commission sanction the giants of the online world for failing to combat the phenomenon emerged. The risks are manifold, with important negative repercussions on the quality of information and on the dissemination of ad hoc altered pornographic content. Already three and a half years ago, actress Scarlett Johansson claimed to have made up her mind. However, the systems can also be used for very different purposes, starting from the artistic ones. In the musical field, Steven Wilson and Kendrick Lamar have also done so. Those looking for an advanced and reliable solution to secure data, devices and privacy can rely on the Panda Dome Premium 2022 suite, now at a discount. It includes protection against viruses and attacks, a VPN to browse anonymously, and much more. Source: CNET