Digital and quality of life, Denmark beats everyone. Italy 27th

The global ranking of Surfshark Global: on the podium in second and third position South Korea and Finland, then Israel and the United States. To close the top ten Singapore, France, Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom

18 Aug 2022

A. S.

The country on a global scale where the quality of digital life  is highest is Denmark, followed by South Korea and Finland. This is what emerges from the ranking drawn up by Surfshark, a company specialized in virtual private networks, which takes into account for its analysis 110 countries, representing 90% of the world population, on five fundamental pillars for the measurement of digital well-being. Specifically, the five parameters on which the ranking is built are the availability of  the Internet, the quality of connections, the presence and spread of digital infrastructures, computer security and the spread of e-government.

The best performance considering all these indicators, we said, is that recorded by Denmark, which obtained an overall score of 0.83. South Korea, for its part, stopped at 0.76 points, on a par with Finland. To get to Italy you have to scroll down the ranking to 27th place, after Belgium and Poland and before the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Analyzing in general the photograph taken by Surfshark, it is clear that Europe occupies a prominent position on a global scale. If in fact in fourth and fifth position appear Israel and the United States, to complete the top ten there are then Singapore, France, Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Analyzing the ranking taking into account the individual pillars, the picture sees Singapore in the lead for the speed of the ultra-broadband network, while Denmark is in first position for the availability of the network and electronic infrastructure. South Korea is in the lead for the quality of the Internet connection, while on e-government and cybersecurity to establish themselves in first position are the United States and Greece, the latter, however, 38th in the general ranking.