Does DuckDuckGo remove pirate sites from searches? Software DuckDuckGo didn't show any known pirate sites, including The Pirate Bay, in search results, but it was just a glitch. DuckDuckGo

The TorrentFreak site had noticed that DuckDuckGo did not show many pirate sites in search results. The site of the popular open source tool YouTube-dl was not even displayed. The CEO and founder of the US company later announced that the temporary disappearance of the sites was due to a technical problem with the search engine. DuckDuckGo did not remove pirate sites from the SERPs DuckDuckGo is a search engine that respects the privacy of users. For example, it doesn't track online activities and doesn't alter search results based on history. Last weekend , well-known pirate sites began to disappear, including The Pirate Bay. Searching for "" did not show the link to the site. No results even for other similar sites and also for the YouTube-dl site. Ernesto Van der Sar of TorrentFreak had speculated about the removal following DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) requests. Even Google no longer shows some pirate sites in search results because they have been blocked by ISPs following the judge's order. DuckDuckGo later announced that The Pirate Pay and YouTube.dl are still indexed by the search engine. Users can find them by typing their name or URL. CEO and founder Gabriel Weinberg explained on Twitter that there is a problem with the operator site: that it needs to be solved. Users who search for a pirate site can type the name or address directly. However, some sites change domain names frequently, so they are not easy to find. Source: TorrentFreak