Hacker Killnet, here are the sites of Italian companies and institutions under attack by Chiara Rossi

A week later, the sites of Italian institutions are once again affected by cyber aggression. Also this time the hackers of the pro-Russian collective Killnet have claimed responsibility for the attack

The pro-Russian hackers of the Killnet group return to attack the websites of several Italian institutions and ministries. The websites of various ministries, that of the CSM, and of large Italian companies, several dozen in all, have suffered tonight a hacker attack that took place starting at 10 pm last night. To claim the act was the Russian collective group Killnet. At the moment many of the sites are not yet reachable. The pro-Russian collective had already claimed responsibility for the May 11 attacks on the websites of the Ministry of Defense and the Senate. Last weekend the police said they had foiled a cyber attack in the final stages of the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. Police had attributed both attacks to the Killnet group and its extremist affiliate Legion, Reuters reports. Today's claim is currently being examined by investigators from the Postal and Communications Police. ITALIAN INSTITUTIONAL SITES AGAIN UNDER ATTACK A hacker attack against various Italian institutional websites has been underway since 10 pm last night. The news was confirmed by the Postal Police itself, which is working to protect the portals. Under attack is the portal of the Ministries of the Environment, Foreign Affairs, Interior, Education, Defense and Culture. The website of the CSM, that of the Senate, the Customs Agency, the State Police and the Court of Auditors as well as that of Federtrasporto have also been blocked. BUT ALSO COMPANIES The sites of Wind tre, Tim, Eni and the National Academy of Sciences were also targeted. WORK OF KILLNET HACKERS To claim the cyber attack was the Russian collective Killnet, according to what was written on its Telegram channel. "Fire at all" wrote the hackers who in a previous message had given instructions "to liquidate the Italian information structure", asking for an attack for 48 hours and not to hit the health system. Killnet is known to specialize in so-called DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, in which hackers try to cripple servers. THE PROXIMITY TO MOSCOW It is a militant pro-Russian collective that according to several experts is linked to the armed forces of the Federation. "Killnet is a collective of cyber criminals believed to be close to the Kremlin and is very active in targeting anyone who supports Ukraine," Repubblica wrote a week ago. "The closeness to the government of Vladimir Putin of the Killnet collective is undoubted. The same CISA (Cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency), the cyber intelligence agency of the US government, confirms this. The same Killnet press releases find it", highlights il Sole 24 Ore. NATIONAL CYBERSECURITY AGENCY UNDER PRESSURE Despite the fact that Italian computer networks have been the target of hackers for weeks, "Italy's tools and antibodies to hacker attacks are high". This was said by the Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini, during a press point in Florence, reports AgenziaNova. "Hacker attacks are a constant in all countries and there is however attention on our part to cyber security and all the structures that have the responsibility for network security," Guerini said. Yet the incursions are putting a strain on the National Cybersecurity Agency, Open points out. As confirmed by the director Roberto Baldoni during the hearing at the Constitutional Affairs Commission who declared that at the moment it is "difficult to react".