How Russian hackers infiltrated US defense

by Giuseppe Gagliano

How Russian hackers infiltrated USStart Magazine defense

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Russian state-sponsored hackers have been targeting US defense contractors for years, thereby gaining "a meaningful insight" into weapons, communications infrastructure and IT development, as evidenced by a joint report on cybersecurity, written by the FBI, the National Security Agency and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security. CISA said that "the plaintiffs exfiltrated hundreds of documents relating to the company's products, relations with other countries, internal personnel and legal matters". Notably Rob Joyce, director of cyber security for the National Security Agency, said in a statement Wednesday that Russian state-sponsored "cyber actors" have been "persistent in targeting US defense contractors for sensitive information. ". This report coincidentally comes as the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine dominates the headlines around the world. Websites for Ukrainian banks and government agencies were hit by a cyber attack on February 15, according to local officials, although it was not immediately clear who the perpetrators were. Dozens of sites were also disabled in January.

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