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I’ll tell you about the upset cyber alarm in Italy announced by the institutions

IcedID enters the Top 10 of the most widespread malware in March after the campaign linked to Covid

In a post-macro world, what are the new threats?

In the US end of the tech-eldorado? Thousands of layoffs in IT and fintech

Inattentive or too lax policies increase cloud risks

Industroyer2 attack on the electricity grid: how to protect yourself

Inps, Tridico: “Cybersecurity is not a cost but an investment”

Insurtech to the climate change challenge, push on AI and space innovation

Intesa Sanpaolo and PagoBancomat, all ahead with Huawei Pay. Don’t tell Copasir

Is America getting tired of the long war in Ukraine? Report Economist

Is blockchain at the service of businesses?

Is China behind the hacker attack on the Indian electricity grid?

Ita Airways, in Catania first boarding tests with facial recognition