Inps, Tridico: "Cybersecurity is not a cost but an investment"

The president of the National Institute of Social Security: "Italy must close the gap compared to countries like Germany and France. It is increasingly necessary to avoid data loss, blackmail and threats " 04 Apr 2022 Antonello Salerno

“Sometimes we economists stress this difference, it is very often not clear the difference between what we should consider as a cost and what we should consider as an investment. Not only in cybersecurity, but also in health care, in the labor market and in the pension system ". This was stated by Pasquale Tridico (in the photo), president of INPS, opening the proceedings of the fifth national conference "Privacy and Cybersecurity: state of the art, defense systems and resilience", organized by the University of Tor Vergata with the patronage of the National Institute for Social Security. “The cost of healthcare is an investment like that for the labor market and the pension system, that of security. It is an investment that avoids data loss, blackmail, and threats. We were as unfortunate as INPS - continues Tridico - to have suffered, on 1 April 2020, one of the first public bodies, an attack that caused us to have important dysfunctions for the citizens that fortunately we have overcome, but we have overcome above all thanks to a important investment in this direction. It is an investment not only for INPS but for the country. INPS manages data of 90% of Italians and wants to do it in an irreproachable way, respectful of privacy, but also by making information available to the scientific community for research and institutional purposes ". The INPS president also underlined the importance for the country of having set up the National Agency for cybersecurity: "It is a clear political understanding of where the country is going and where to spend Italian resources to better protect their data. It is the new frontier, the most advanced one - he adds - and we see it with what is terribly happening with Russia’s aggression against Ukraine ". "It is a propitious, important moment - continues Tridico - we must fully grasp it to recover the gap that also in this field unfortunately we have accumulated over the years compared to the most advanced European countries, I am referring in particular to spending 2-3 times greater than Germany and France compared to Italy in this field, and to relaunch the cybersecurity sector ".