Intesa Sanpaolo and PagoBancomat, all ahead with Huawei Pay. Don't tell Copasir by Redazione Start Magazine

The mobile payment service with Huawei Pay arrives in Italy and Europe. This is what the ATM company and the Intesa Sanpaolo group communicate. Here are all the details

Available from today on Huwei AppGallery the Huawei Pay mobile payment service for all cards issued on Intesa Sanpaolo's PagoBancomat circuit. This is the news announced today by Bancomat spa (into which the FSI fund is entering) and by the Intesa Sanpaolo group led by CEO Carlo Messina. Here are all the details. WHAT INTESA SANPAOLO AND BANCOMAT WILL DO WITH HUAWEI PAY The mobile payment service with Huawei Pay arrives in Italy and Europe. Thanks to the partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo and Bancomat, Huawei Pay, the payment wallet that will allow holders of a card issued by Intesa Sanpaolo on the PagoBancomat circuit to use their Huawei smartphone to make contactless payments in enabled stores, will now be available in Italy. WHAT CHANGES WITH HUAWEI PAY With the new service, the digital payment market of the national ATM circuit is growing, reads a joint note from the consortium and Intesa Sanpaolo: "The operation is in continuity with the strategy launched by the company's new industrial plan that aims to reach 3.3 billion transactions by 2027 thanks also to the creation of new technological assets and new initiatives aimed at growing the digital offer". WHAT BANCOMAT AND INTESA SANPAOLO SAY ABOUT HUAWEI PAY "The presence as the only circuit in Italy in the digital wallet of the third app distribution platform available today will further encourage the use of digital tools for daily micropayments – reads the statement from Bancomat and Intesa Sanpaolo – The mobile payment service represents a novelty for the Italian market also depending on the new method of digitizing the card envisaged. With Huawei Pay, Bancomat starts, in fact, the first pagoBancomat card enrollment solution in Europe via NFC. For all holders of PagoBancomat cards issued by Intesa Sanpaolo, it will be possible to start digitizing the cards in the wallet by simply bringing their card closer to the Huawei device, which will automatically read the data while ensuring maximum convenience and total security". HOW TO USE "The methods of use during the payment phase involve a few steps, simple and intuitive. By placing the Huawei smartphone on the POS it is possible to activate the transaction through the Pay button and, in the event that the screen of the device is locked, simply click the double side button and authorize with the recognition of the fingerprint", assure Bancomat and Intesa Sanpaolo. HUAWEI'S COMMENT "The announcement of the availability of Huawei Pay marks an important moment both for the company, which confirms the constant commitment to expand the AppGallery offer, and for Huawei users who now have an additional mobile service available that facilitates them in everyday life, simply with a smartphone", says Pier Giorgio Furcas, Deputy General Manager Huawei Consumer Business Group Italy. "We are very satisfied with the collaboration we have carried out with Intesa Sanpaolo and Bancomat S.p.A to achieve a concrete result in terms of innovation and digital transformation. Active for the first time in Italy, we expect that in the future it will be able to extend to other European countries". In Italy, Huwei AppGallery has over 6.3 million monthly active users and has 12,000 apps in 18 categories, of which banking has been among the most implemented in recent months. THE WORDS OF BANCOMAT AND INTESA SANPAOLO "The demand for contactless payments is constantly growing. More and more people prefer the use of digital tools for mobile payments. The convenience of dematerializing cards on mobile phones has become an indispensable habit for an increasing number of consumers. Today with Huawei Pay we strengthen the digital presence of ATMs with the aim of expanding our digital market shares more and more. All for the benefit of the more than 34 million Italians who use our PagoBancomat® cards every day and whom we want to support by making money transactions increasingly simple and immediate", says Oscar Occhipinti, Marketing & Commercial Director of Bancomat S.p.A. "Intesa Sanpaolo is the first bank in Europe to make Huawei Pay available to its customers, who will thus have an additional tool to pay for their purchases using their smartphones: a simple, fast, secure and also sustainable gesture, to make mobile payment a daily habit. With Huawei Pay, one of the most innovative solutions on the market, Intesa Sanpaolo looks forward to an increasingly cashless world and confirms its leadership and commitment to spreading digital culture, also in response to new trends and the needs of an increasingly vast and heterogeneous audience in terms of age and expectations", says Claudia Vassena, Head of Sales & Marketing Digital Retail department of Intesa Sanpaolo.