We have here translated the articles of the leading Italian independent cybersecurity experts in this column the articles concerning the U.S.A. in this column articles on the deadly attack on the Colonial Pipeline in this column the most recent articles
5G and cybersecurity, EU countries take action.

A flaw in the defenses of “Paloalto Networks” Broadbandits, broadband bandits and the devastating effects on the market Attacco hacker, perché stavolta la Francia ha indicato i responsabili
Audi and Volkswagen have stolen data from over 3 million customers Artificial Intelligence for Services and National Security Colonial Pipeline, what happened in the US (and oil) Non solo Pegasus, lo spionaggio corre via cavi sottomarini
Are you sure Kaspersky’s Password Manager works? Chris Inglis as head of cybersecurity Hacker attack against US government and Ngos. Microsoft’s alarm cyber attack on the SPF Interior in Belgium
Google Docs: phishing alert! Hacker attack for Electronic Arts Let me tell you the lesson of the Colonial Pipeline case IL CYBERCRIME SI EVOLVE
How Enel moves against hackers Face Recognition, Amazon’s Stop PACK SYSTEM Pegasus: siamo tutti spiati, controlla tu stesso
Pandemic and smart working MI chief: New intelligence capabilities What Biden Will Do About US Digital Infrastructures Non solo Nso, che cosa non si dice sul caso Pegasus
Public services increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks MILITARY INTELLIGENCE Why Biden doesn’t snore on the Colonial pipeline Come gli investitori si smarcano da Pegasus e Nso Group
I TELL YOU ABOUT THE GROTESQUE ATMOSPHERE OF THE CYBERSECURITY HEARING The bluff (perhaps) behind the Darkside hacker server block What happens to Revil SOCIAL ENGINEERING
OUR PATENTED SOLUTIONS $10 million reward for information about cyber attacks Why hacker attacks threaten US energy independence RESPONSE
Tutti i guai informatici della Regione Lazio. Il parere degli esperti DISASTER RECOVERY THE SOLUTION Un dipartimento per la cyber-sicurezza. Biden punta 10 miliardi DISASTER RECOVERY ITALIAN