More and more advanced and widespread phishing attacks

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Phishing attacks are increasingly widespread and sophisticated because there are specific kits that allow you to easily create fake sites. Phishing is one of the most used techniques by cybercriminals to steal users' personal data. Security solutions are constantly updated to block these types of cyber attacks. Even so-called "phishing kits" become more sophisticated to try to circumvent the latest protections. Kaspersky experts presented the latest industry news. More and more advanced phishing kits The first phase of a phishing attack involves the creation of a site similar to that of well-known companies (for example Facebook). The domain name can easily be mistaken for the original one if you are not careful. Less experienced cybercriminals prefer to use ready-to-use packages that allow you to easily create the phishing page. Since the operation is automated, it is possible to create hundreds of sites to replace those blocked by antivirus. ADVERTISEMENT PARALLAX POWERED BY More sophisticated phishing kits include advanced features to prevent the site from being discovered. One of the obfuscation techniques used to evade blocking by anti-phishing solutions involves the use of the Caesar cipher. Each character of the text is replaced by a character that is found a certain number of positions later in the alphabet. When the user loads the page, the correct character is shown. Other methods involve encoding the HTML code with Base64 or AES, inserting hidden HTML tags, splitting a string into groups of characters and adding a large number of HTML attributes. Some of these tricks are also used to hide stolen data from users and the code of the phishing kit itself. ADVERTISEMENT PARALLAX POWERED BY These kits are sold on dark web forums or through private Telegram channels. Prices vary between $ 50 and $ 900. One-time or subscription-based payment (phishing-as-a-service) is possible. Less sophisticated ones can be found online for free. In 2021, Kaspersky discovered 469 kits used to create 1.2 million sites.


The attacks come from clones of famous sites, such as in Italy INPS or the Revenue Agency. They recommend using good antivirus, but that's not enough. The antivirus that solves the problem should be made MANDATORY. It is known from the WORM technique combined with PHISHING that very few fall into the trap and all are compromised. We have a HARDWARE method that allows you to block ALL malicious sites. Interventions must be made at the level of the Company and at the level of State Organizations. It is described on another page of this site. By adopting this system, phishing developers can do whatever they want but they are always blocked. Learn more about the topic on this site and ask for information by filling out the contact form or by writing a comment to the article.