National Hpc Center, what Engineering will do by Chiara Rossi

There is also the Engineering group among the founders of the National Research Center in High Performance Computing (Hpc) proposed by the INFN with funding from the Pnrr

The National Supercomputing Centre (HPC), one of the five National Centres envisaged by the PNRR, was born last week in Bologna. Proposed by INFN, the National Research Center for HPC, Big Data and Quantum Computing will be based on the Bologna Technopole within the "from research to business" component of the "Education and Research" Mission of the PNRR with a funding of almost 320 million euros. Among the 51 founding members throughout the national territory (such as the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, the CNR, Enea, the Politecnico di Milano, La Sapienza of Rome, the Federico II of Naples and companies such as Eni, Autostrade per l'Italia, Intesa Sanpaolo, Leonardo and Ferrovie dello Stato) there is also Engineering, the Italian company in the processes of digital transformation for PA and companies. "Our country is finally recognizing in the Digital Transition and the Green Transition two fundamental levers to project us towards a future in full balance between innovation and sustainability. This important challenge must be tackled by creating synergies between institutions, academia and private individuals. The National Center for HPC, Big Data and Quantum Computing Research in Bologna is an extraordinary example of this collaboration and can represent an excellent opportunity for the development of our country. It is this deep conviction that has led an operator like Engineering, committed to accompanying the country in the processes of digital transformation, to participate as founder of the National Hpc Research Center" commented Maximo Ibarra, CEO of Engineering. And it is precisely at the Bologna Technopole that the first installations of Leonardo are underway, the supercomputer about to become the second most powerful in the world. All the details. WHAT THE HPC CENTER WILL DO Among the 5 National Centers for research in the supply chain provided by the "from research to business" component of the "Education and Research" Mission of the PNRR, the National Center for HPC, Big Data and Quantum Computing Research involves universities, research institutes and important Italian companies, with the aim of carrying out research and promoting innovation at national and international level, starting from a leading infrastructure for High-Performance Computing (HPC) and the management of large amounts of data (Big Data) capable of integrating the emerging technologies available, including those for quantum computing (Quantum Computing). ENGINEERING'S CONTRIBUTION In particular, Engineering will contribute to supporting the National Center for HPC, Big Data and Quantum Computing Research both as a founding member of the Foundation and by bringing its technological and business skills in the development of transversal and independent activities from the application domain (Future HPC & Big Data), as well as in specific issues such as Environment and Natural Disasters, Smart Cities & Digital Society. AT CINECA ARRIVED THE FIRST TIR WITH THE COMPONENTS OF THE SUPERCOMPUTER Finally, just last July 22, the first trucks arrived with the components of the Leonardo supercomputer, launched in 2018. The project is the result of a joint investment of 240 million euros: 120 million allocated by the European Commission and 120 million financed by Italy through the Ministry of University and Research. With its enormous computing power, which will allow it to perform more than 248 Petaflops or more than 248 million billion calculations per second, Leonardo will rank among the best supercomputers in the world. It will thus pave the way to the next frontier of supercomputing, performing more than a billion billion operations per second (exaflop).