New malware spies on inbox on Gmail: how to defend yourself? Security Malware and Virus Antivirus SHARPEXT is a newly discovered malware that threatens Gmail and AOL accounts: how does it work and how to avoid infection? Unsplash

Cybersecurity company Volexity has spotted a new malware threat called SHARPEXT. Always according to the experts who have identified this malicious agent, the same is able to give a "peek" to the email accounts related to Gmail and AOL, complete with access to messages and attachments. The malware in question seems to act through malicious browser extensions, going to mainly affect Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. At present, numerous cases of infections linked to SHARPEXT have been recorded mainly in the United States, Europe and South Korea. The investigators involved would have tracked down the group of hackers who made the malware, known as Kimsuky and connected in some way to North Korea. A case that, once again, shows how important it is to always have a high-level antivirus installed and working on your computer.