Opposition register, Giorgetti: "Already 1.2 million members"

The Minister of Economic Development on the instrument that came into force on July 27: "Thanks to this simple tool, finally applicable also to mobile phones, we can all get rid of harassing phone calls at all hours with a simple registration. After the summer off to the information campaign" 01 Aug 2022 A. S.

"It is with particular satisfaction that I welcomed the number of entries in the register of oppositions: 1 million and 200 thousand adhesions since the day of its entry into force, last July 27". This was stated by the Minister for Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti regarding the latest data of adhesion to the register of oppositions, to which it is possible to register from the www.registrodelleopposizioni.it website or by sending the completed RPO form by email to iscrizione@registrodelleopposizioni.it, or even by calling the toll-free number 800957766 from a fixed network or to the 0642986411 from mobile phones. Registration, explains the Mise, allows the cancellation from all advertising databases very quickly, with registrations that are completed in one working day. "When I announced the measure, at the end of January of this year – explains Giorgetti – I said that the phenomenon of advertising phone calls without consent was unacceptable and had to end. This is why I was a promoter and signed, at the time, the norm. Thanks to this simple tool, finally also applicable to mobile phones, we can all get rid of the harassing phone calls of the so-called wild telemarketing at all hours with a simple registration. The new rules apply to all call centers operating in Italy, including those working from foreign countries." Of course – concludes Giorgetti – it is a tool that will have to be monitored and will have to be flexible to any new needs always to protect the consumer but also honest operators who respect the rules. I hope, also for this reason, that the green light from the Court of Auditors will arrive as soon as possible to the new decree tariffs that will be lower than the previous ones. A sign of goodwill on the part of this ministry in support of companies in the sector. After the summer there will also be an important information campaign with the aim of reaching the vast majority of citizens who must be correctly informed about this norm of civilization".