Polygon: prolonged interruption of service due to an update

Polygon, Ethereum's Layer-2 scaling solution, went offline for 11 hours due to a problem caused by a network update


Polygon, Ethereum's Layer-2 scalability solution, hasn't produced new blocks for over 11 hours: the developers attribute the problem to a technical network update. On Thursday at 16:20 UTC, the developers of the Polygon network informed users on the forum that there would be some downtime, starting at approximately 17:50 UTC, due to a maintenance requirement on one of the three levels of the network. A recent update is thought to have caused an error in the network's ability to reach consensus: "We suspect that there may have been a bug in the update that affected the consensus and caused several Heimdall validators to be unable to be on the same version of the chain, thus failing to reach 2/3 consensus." As expected, the outage began at approximately 17:54 UTC. The Polygon team released an update at 1:30 UTC, explaining that they were still working to fix a bug and that in the meantime a hotfix was supposed to help generate freezes. However, this hotfix does not appear to have achieved the desired results. The team also assured users that all funds and data on the chain are safe. A network outage on Polygon lasted for 11 hours Initially there were few complaints in the community, as it was an expected and announced outage. However, starting from the sixth hour, someone began to fear for the actual state of the network: "So, uh ... Polygon has been down for over 6 hours ..." Others have stated that their professional activity was adversely affected by the interruption. User @ Miklos211 said: "I am literally unable to do my job due to the problem, could you please give us a timeline within which we can expect the network to work again?" The Polygon Network is made up of three layers and each fulfills a unique role. Smart contracts run on the Ethereum level, while the Bor level helps produce the blocks. The third level, Heimdall, is where the problem lies. Heimdall is a set of proof-of-stake (PoS) nodes that help the network reach consensus. With the problem on Heimdall, Polygon cannot reach the consensus of the network. The last major Polygon bug, fixed at the end of 2021, had put $ 24 billion at risk.