PHISHING is a kind of internet  FISHING technique: the hook is launched, which is an e-mail falsely similar to that of your bank, the director or someone else that we do not suspect. Then we click on the attachment, or on the proposed link and then MALWARE IS INSTALLED ON OUR COMPUTER. At this point with the internet connection and with WORM technology the malware is replicated on all connected computers, or devices. In the case of the WANNACRY malware of 2017, false e-mails were sent in 70 languages that blocked millions of computers, because the malware encrypted sites and databases and then a ransom was requested (RANSOMWARE)
Many large companies believe that training can be done to make employees understand that the email is fake. This is absolutely FALSE. As long as there is a distracted person and the damage is done.  Distraction is enourmously expensive, Our alternative is not a product but a method, as can be seen in the pages and articles of this site.