Pwn2Own: Trend Micro's Threat Intelligence Is for Everyone by Redazione Linea EDP 27/05/2022 Updated:29/05/2022

25 vulnerabilities were discovered during the 15th edition of Pwn2Own, the annual hackathon aimed at ensuring secure software

Trend Micro has announced the results of Pwn2Own, its annual hacking competition. The discoveries of this latest edition will allow over 1 billion users, both business and consumers, to benefit from increased security. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary, $1,155,000 was awarded to researchers in the field against 25 zero-day vulnerabilities discovered and disclosed to software vendors . These include partners Microsoft, Tesla, Zoom and sponsor VMware. The Pwn2Own event encourages the world's best vulnerability researchers to find new vulnerabilities in their most widely used applications and allow vendors to fix them before criminals can exploit them. Targeted software is chosen to support research in the most critical areas, for companies and individuals, globally. Lisa Dolcini, Marketing and Communication Manager Trend Micro Italia Lisa Dolcini, Head of Marketing at Trend Micro Italia, pointed out in a note to the press: "Remote work is a well-established trend and electric vehicles will increasingly take hold, to name two examples. Like Trend Micro, we want to ensure that the software behind the devices we use most today is secure, no matter where they are. The threat intelligence we get from Pwn2Own is invaluable, not only for us and our customers, but for the entire cyber community and anyone who uses an IT device." The Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative, responsible for hackathon, works with vendors to have an even greater impact on the entire cyber panonorama. As concluded by Aanchal Gupta, CVP, Azure and M365 Security at Microsoft: "We are very proud of our collaboration with ZDI on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Pwn2Own. Pwn2Own is an extremely unique and important event for Microsoft. The quantity and quality of vulnerability reports from participants allows us to secure our products and services faster, protecting millions of customers around the world." Trend micro uses information about vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals to keep its cybersecurity offering up to date.