The journalist’s analysis is interesting and well documented.

The two answers on the site refer to the old dilemma of when there is blackmail, pay or not pay, this is the dilemma.

But we remember the kidnapping of which it was famous in the USA that of the son of Lindberg, the first trans-flier in plane of the Atlantic , and in Italy many abductions of sons of industrialists for extortion reasons, disregarding cases where the kidnapping had political ends by a terrorist group, but even in this case it returned to the usual alternative, pay or not pay.

The analysis of kidnappings for extortion purposes of a ransom highlighted the following scenario:

1) The kidnappers had Weapons, Car, Telephone, a safe haven, even hidden collaborators

2) The authorities were on the side of the abducted person’s family

3) Police  forces were ready to make a raid and free the kidnapped

4) The authorities blocked the current accounts of the victim family to prevent it from paying

5) Public opinion was 99% on the victim’s family side

6) The competitors of the victim’s family company did not dream of using similar techniques and stigmatized what had happened

7) The outcome of the raids was generally favorable to the police force

Let’s see now the case of the current RANSOMWARE with data encryption:

1) The safe place of point 1 are the same encrypted data, weapons are the PHISHING, WORM, RANSOMWARE

2) The authorities are not able to contain the phenomenon and rely on companies that even to sell their products hinder competitors in the fight against hackers

3) Police forces also flaunt their work, but they also make the mistake of point 2
4) The phenomenon sees the criminal activity packed into a complete service that anyone, paying ,can buy and this greatly widens the audience of criminals

5) Public opinion is kept in ignorance, only specialized magazines talk about the phenomenon, Companies attacked hide or decrease the effects of the attack  and

6) there are companies that like to fuck up competition with hacker attacks,  buy the complete package and laugh at the misfortunes of competitors

7)  If the first attacks of RANSOMWARE saw as in WANNACRY of 2017 only the chain of the package, in front of the defenses devised by the Cyber-security companies the Hackers immediately devised the DOUBLE PACK AND VERSUS PACK


WE have the solution, as it is described in other parts, but a regulatory intervention must be made to solve the phenomenon, with the following points:

A) WHO buys the PACKAGE must pay very expensive the purchase, there are strict rules in Italy against the possession of weapons of war, must assimilate the PACKAGE to a weapon of war, the purchase must be discouraged, despite the shrewdness the trace of who buys can appear and the police forces must act in this regard.

B) As currently the Vendors of anti-hacker defenses go on their own and prefer to beat the competition that solve the Problem, It must be established by a State that the LICENSE to be able to sell in the Country must be subject to the obligation to favor all solutions to solve the Problem..

C) By specifying point B, companies operating in the field of Cyber-security must PUT the solution of the Problem before personal and Corporate interests . Then solved the Problem no longer sell? There will always be new challenges to face, the technique of Hackers does not sleep.

D) Interventions must be made of which We propose some Solutions. But against the criminal intelligences we need superior intelligences. I’m sorry for those of you who say we’re all the same.

E) Public opinion must be adequately informed in order to arrive at the situation described in point 5 of our analysis

F) If the point B is not realized by the State, associations of Entrepreneurs must establish a Code of Ethics with legal retaliation and negative marketing for those who do not respect