REvil: arrests in Russia, gang dismantled


The operation conducted in Russia, at the request of the US: dismantled the criminal gang REvil responsible for numerous ransomware attacks. Dealt another blow to the REvil group, this time in Russia, more precisely by the FSB Federal Security Service. Follows those made between October and November by the FBI and Europol. The news was reported today by Reuters, citing the local agency Interfax as a source.

Russia and the US together in the fight against ransomware: dismantled REvil The leaked description describes a special operation conducted at the request of the United States, leading to the arrest of members of the criminal gang responsible for some of the most impactful ransomware attacks ever recorded. Few details are provided, but there is talk of the end of games for REvil. Given the nature of the group and its already demonstrated ability to recover on several occasions, it may be early to claim victory. Just a couple of months ago, the US State Department made a $ 10 million bounty available to anyone who could provide information relevant to the capture. Who knows it wasn't this initiative that proved decisive. The organized criminal association has ceased to exist and the infrastructure used has been neutralized. Specializing in the business defined as ransomware-as-a-service, the gang ended up in the crosshairs of the so-called Operation GoldDust which involved the authorities of 17 countries as well as Europol, Eurojust and Interpol. The investigations conducted in November led to the identification of the Ukrainian Yaroslav Vasinskyi and the Russian Yevgeniy Polyanin as two of the perpetrators, seizing millions of dollars in funds, presumably deriving from the ransoms paid by the victims. If the charges hanging over their heads are found to be well founded in the trial, they will risk 115 and 145 years of imprisonment respectively. Italy is also in the list of countries most affected by this type of cyber threat, unfortunately increasingly widespread and dangerous. According to statistics collected and shared by Atlas VPN, the United States is in first place, which alone absorbs almost half of the total attacks recorded globally. Source: Reuters