Russia sues Google for data on Russian users Authorities call for his transfer to Moscow 28/05/2022 by Redazione

Roskomnadzor, the Russian state body in charge of media control, has filed an administrative petition with Google in a Moscow court for the American company's refusal to transfer servers with databases on Russian users to Russia. This is reported by Interfax. If found guilty, Google risks a fine of between 6 and 18 million rubles (from 86,000 to 257,000 euros at today's exchange rate). This is what the Ansa news agency reported. READ ALSO – > Researchers are using Google's app to study the effect of mobile phones on mental well-being The hearing, at the Tagansky Administrative Court in the Russian capital, has been set for June 16. At the same court and with the same accusation, an application was also filed against the social network Likee, which risks a fine of between 1 and 6 million rubles (from 14,000 to 86,000 euros). The court has previously received similar claims against the American video streaming service Twitch and Pinterest's photo hosting service. The fear of many activists is that the transfer of Russian user databases to Russia will allow for tighter control over the online activities of opponents.