Russian hacker attack on Italy: Defense and Senate sites also hit. What is happening

A hacker attack claimed by a pro-Russian collective hit several Italian institutional sites, including that of the Defense and the Senate By: VirgilioNotizie | Updated on: 11-05-2022 19:05 Ukrainian War: What Russian Hackers Can Do

A hacker attack from Russia is underway against several Italian institutional sites. Among the sites affected there are also those of the Ministry of Defense and that of the Senate. The hacker attack was claimed by the pro-Russian collective 'Killnet'. Hacker attack on Italian institutional sites: what is happening According to what was reported by the 'ANSA' agency, at the moment the hacker attack would not have compromised the infrastructure. Nonetheless, the attack launched against several Italian institutional sites is allegedly making it difficult to access the pages that have been targeted by hackers. Photo source: ANSA Among the sites affected by the hacker attack is that of the Senate. What are the Italian sites affected by the Russian hacker attack As reported by the 'Corriere della Sera', on Telegram the collective published a series of addresses that would have been violated, with the indication "attack on Italy". The list includes, in addition to the Senate and Defense, the Higher Education School of Lucca, the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Banca Compass, Infomedix (a company services company) and the ACI.

Hacker attack from Russia to Italy: what Gabrielli had said Franco Gabrielli, Undersecretary and Security Authority, had talked about possible hacker attacks from Russia last May 5, on the occasion of the webinar organized by 'Il Messaggero'. Gabrielli had said: “We cannot exclude that in perspective there may be cyber attacks by Russia but this will be conditioned by what happens on the ground. You don't have to go into a loop and bandage your head before it breaks. " FURTHER UPDATES COMING SOON.