Russian hackers in the US crosshairs: "cut" from 10 million dollars

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The reward to those who will reveal the identity and location of the group responsible for cyberattacks on American critical infrastructure. The State Department: "We raise awareness among citizens about the risks to national security"

12 Aug 2022

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10 million dollars. This is the reward that the US State Department will offer to anyone who gives information about the group of Russian hackers called "Conti" responsible for the malware of the same name.  It is the new strategy activated by the US government to stem hacker attacks on critical infrastructure.

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•             Who is behind the Conti "gang"

•             Malware attacks in the US

•             Anti-hacker strategies

Who is behind the Conti "gang"

The hacking group – five people whose nicknames are known only on the net ("Target", "Reshaev", "Professor", "Tramp" and "Dandis") – is held responsible for distributing the ransomware that attacked US critical infrastructure.

Conti, a Russia-based hacking group, supported the Russian government after the invasion of Ukraine and threatened the critical infrastructure of countries it perceives as a threat to Russia, the State Department explains.

Malware attacks in the US

According to the U.S. agency, the group has conducted more than 1,000 ransomware operations targeting critical U.S. and international infrastructure, including law enforcement, emergency medical services, and 911 shipping centers.

This is not the first time that a "rewards" system has been activated. Between April and May, similar "bounties" were announced for information that could lead to the arrest of any individual who conspired with the Conti ransomware group.

According to the State Department, the hackers participated in a criminal conspiracy that contributed to a destructive malware infection of computers around the world in June 2017 using malware called NotPetya.

Anti-hacker strategies

"The offer of a reward, as well as the seizure of illicit funds - comments the cybersecurity company Mandiant - is a measure that can contribute significantly to raising awareness among citizens about the risks that are run when deciding to commit cybercrimes of this type".

"Continued action by the U.S. government and law enforcement agencies against key criminal organizations such as Conti operators  is critical to circumscribing the ransomware ecosystem."


This $10 million reward was already offered last year.

Evidently, no one has succeeded. Is it because you have to use different methods and intelligences? Increase defenses as we propose?