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The “ceo-fraud” risk rises: the contacts of 4 thousand Italian managers for sale on the dark web

The analysis of US intelligence: this is how it enters Putin’s head

The babel of cybersecurity, 40 anti-hacker solutions for every Italian company

The bluff (perhaps) behind the Darkside hacker server block

The malware shadow behind data breaches grows

The new security challenges, between cyberwar and cloud

The pandemic? It also showed the failure of intelligence. Word of a former general of the Services

The sensational hacker attack: LastPass, the platform that “protects” passwords, has been violated


The U.S. is pushing Russians to defy Putin. But don’t call it regime change

There is no shortage of cybersecurity skills

This is how Ukraine uses Clearview AI software in war

TikTok confirms: access to data from China

TikTok still in trouble in the US: personal data “spied on” by Beijing?

TinyCheck: open source tool to detect stalkerware

Tlc and aerospace, trojan discovered via Dropbox for spying on networks and assets

Towards a new momentum: the cloud unleashes cybercriminals

Trenitalia, the IT system is still haywire. Check the criminal matrix

Trio of DDoS cyberattacks on Ukraine, was it Russia?

Twitter, Musk’s 44 billion offer at risk: too many spam accounts