The babel of cybersecurity, 40 anti-hacker solutions for every Italian company

More than half of the systems installed to protect infrastructure are unused, reveals a Trend Micro report. Obsolescence and lack of adequate personnel among the main causes. Outsourcing the strongest option in the field

03 Nov 2021 L. O.

Cybersecurity, the excess of solutions pushes companies to outsource services to protect their infrastructure. It emerges from a Trend Micro report according to which in Italy companies have an average of 37 cybersecurity systems installed to protect their infrastructure, but in 51% of cases not all are used. A "babel" of solutions that involves a growing cost that is often not recognized. Obsolescence and lack of qualified personnel Among the main reasons that push most cybersecurity workers not to use certain solutions are the solutions considered obsolete (39%), the lack of qualified personnel able to use them (35%), the lack of trust in the solution ( 29%) and finally the difficulty of integration with other solutions (25%). Security management remains critical. In the event of violations or non-compliance with GDPR regulations, the sample reveals that the company would lose an average of 230 thousand euros. The risks caused by the excess of solutions "The proliferation of different tools is increasingly common in all companies, but when it comes to incident detection and response, there is an increasing cost that is sometimes not recognized," explains Salvatore Marcis, Technical Director of Trend Micro Italy.

Outsourcing the alternative solution

Research reveals that 96% of the sample considered managed service - managed services, to outsource detection and response capabilities. These services can help overcome internal criticalities, resulting in a better management and incident response strategy. “Organizations - reads a note - not only have to pay for licenses and maintenance, but the Security Operation Center teams are increasingly stressed and risk burnout trying to manage too many solutions. The lack of ability to prioritize alerts can also expose the organization to violations. This is why it is not surprising that many companies use externally managed services ”.