Twitter, Musk's 44 billion offer at risk: too many spam accounts

The $44 billion deal that Tesla founder Elon Musk launched to buy Twitter would be at risk. This was revealed by the Washington Post, which cites sources close to the dossier who claim that "the numbers of the social network on spam accounts are not verifiable". According to the US newspaper, "discussions on financing in view of the $ 44 billion operation would be suspended at the moment". Talks with investors have slowed down in recent weeks as Musk's entourage has raised doubts about the data received from Twitter. Musk's team in particular believes they don't have enough information about data related to spam accounts." Data on spam accounts but not only. Twitter's stock price has fallen dramatically since musk's bid was announced in April, giving the impression that he is overpaying." But the terms of the deal, he notes, don't make a Musk exit easy. The founder of Tesla, in fact, "has agreed to complete the offer unless something important happens to Twitter's activity and legal experts doubt that the problem of the bot falls within this case". Even if Musk manages to convince a judge "to let him go, he may still have to pay $1 billion for breaking the deal." Twitter shares lost ground on the stock market on Thursday, July 7 after the publication of the rumors. On Wall Street, after the close of trading, the stock of the Californian company lost more than 4% in electronic trading, after a session slightly higher (+1.52%).