Ubisoft: attacked by hackers, here are the details

Ubisoft said it was attacked by hackers last week, but user data doesn't appear to be at risk. Ubisoft has informed through a note spread by email that it has suffered a hacker attack that has caused the temporary interruption of some games and services. This all happened last week and now the company is investigating what happened, but for the moment it seems that user data has not been breached. Norton 360 Premium 2021 license, the best offer on Ubisoft in the sights of hackers At the moment, it is not clear who is responsible, but there is a suspicion that this may somehow have to do with the conflict in Ukraine. The attack, in fact, was launched following the announcement of the company that it intends to stop sales in Russia of games and streaming services, but there is still no certainty about it and we will have to wait to find out more.

Below is the press release issued by the company. Last week, Ubisoft faced a cybersecurity issue that caused some games, systems and services to be temporarily disrupted. Our IT teams are working, in collaboration with the most important specialists in the sector, to investigate the matter. As a precaution, we have begun resetting passwords throughout the company. Additionally, we can confirm that all of our games and services are functioning properly and that at this time there is no evidence that players' personal data has been breached or exposed as a result of this incident. It should be noted that in recent weeks there has been a succession of hacker attacks against some of the major companies operating in the tech and gaming sector on a global scale, such as Samsung and NVIDIA.