Ukraine, cyberattack with message to the population

Ukrainian government sites have been under cyber attack for hours: for now, users' personal data are safe but servers have been hacked.

With Russia on the border and (Russian?) Hackers already at home: Ukraine is preparing for weeks of very high tension with Putin and Biden at loggerheads and an important cyberattack that has already set the country on fire in these hours. The alarm comes directly from Ukrainian institutions, according to which some government sites have temporarily stopped their services to respond to a major cyber attack.

Ukraine, servers under attack

Involved, according to the press release, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Security, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Agricultural Policies. At the moment, activities on other sites belonging to other departments are regular. "Ukrainian! All your personal data has been uploaded to the public network. All data on your computer is erased and will not be recoverable. All information about you has gone public, fear and expect the worst. This is done to you for your past, present and future ": this is the message that appeared on the sites under attack before the authorities regained control of the servers. In reality, the Kiev institutions claim that at the moment all personal data of Ukrainian citizens are actually safe, without anyone having been able to get their hands on it. At another time, an attack of this caliber would probably have been declassified as a massive attempt at data theft, perhaps engineered by cracker groups backed and sponsored by more or less unknown nations. In this case the doubts are much less, because the enemy is at the gates and the real threat. From the Kremlin, meanwhile, no one comments on the news although no one from Moscow has ever in the least distanced himself from attacks of this type in the past months. Source: Corriere della Sera