Ukraine: non-stop attacks and cyberattacks

Safety Kiev confirms the massive wave of DDoS attacks on Ukraine, originating from Russia since before the war began.

The advance of the military in the service of the Kremlin towards Kiev and other cities of the country is accompanied by a massive campaign of cyber attacks coming from Russia and aimed at critical infrastructures as well as the institutional resources of Ukraine. Yet another confirmation came over the weekend, describing the scenario of a war offensive that is manifesting not only on the territory, but also online.

War in Ukraine, attacks also in cyberspace

This has been going on since the hours preceding the launch of the first missile by Moscow. The new complaint came from the SSSCIP Ukraine (State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection) agency, as is now customary in the form of a post shared on Twitter. We report it below in translated form.

Russian hackers continue to attack Ukrainian information resources, non-stop. Since the beginning of the invasion, DDoS attacks have mainly targeted the assets of Verchovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers, the President of Ukraine, the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Internal Affairs.

The Kiev agency points out that the most massive attack among those recorded reached a peak of 100 Gbps. Nonetheless, the resources affected are available. Only on a few occasions have the authors managed to replace the homepages of the targeted sites.

We will resist! On the battlefield and in cyberspace!

From the earliest stages of the conflict, Ukraine and its institutional representatives have asked for the voluntary support of the global hacker community to bring the enemy's infrastructure to its knees. Among those who responded to the appeal were also Anonymous and some groups affiliated to the collective.

In the sights of the Russians there is not only Zelensky's country, but also his allies or whoever is providing some form of support to the resistance. This is also true for Italy: these days the alert level is maximum.