Ukrainian War: Urso: "Italy is not safe on the cyber border"

The president of the Parliamentary Committee for the security of the Republic: "Securing the country still requires a lot of work: from the national agency to the PA cloud to the publicly controlled ultra-broadband network" 11 Mar 2022 A. S.

"We are still vulnerable." This is the alarm launched by Adolfo Urso, president of the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic, regarding cyber security in relation to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine: cybersecurity, Urso said, is the new frontier, "but Italy is not safe from this point of view. The critical issues for the country are above all two: cyber war and energy security "". Speaking in an online speech during the “Focus Ukraine. Analysis and consequences ", promoted by the group of Brothers of Italy in the Senate, the president of Copasir took stock of what remains to be done to make the country more resilient to cyber attacks:" The country is not safe not only because the issue of the Russian antivirus has emerged, a significant problem that is being worked on to neutralize critical issues, but also because Russia has become the strongest power in the world in cyber warfare, which it knows how to use both in the form of hacker attacks capable of paralyzing hospitals, power plants and a whole host of critical infrastructures, both through disinformation via the Internet. Securing the country still requires a lot of work: it is necessary to accelerate the construction of the activities of the National Cybersecurity Agency, implement the national cybersecurity perimeter, implement the national cloud of the PA as quickly as possible, complete the single band network large under public control ". "The other critical aspect - concludes Urso - is national energy security. In our report sent to Parliament we indicated the solutions that are now being implemented: doubling the national quota, unblocking large solar parks, opening up to nuclear fusion, and the need to free ourselves from foreign dependence by diversifying sources ". Speaking with DigitEconomy24, urso then underlined how Copasir is preparing a series of proposals that aim to improve the regulatory framework and better cope with the scenarios of cyber attacks, also following the indications of the director of the National Cybersecurity Agency, which has underlined how the large scale cyberattack should not be prosecuted as a scam but as a terrorist act.