Vpn and "encrypted" apps: this is how bans are circumvented in Russia

According to data from Sensor Tower and Quartz released by Statista, the most downloaded application on the Google Store and App Store is "1.1.1." which protects privacy on the Internet. Telegram among the top. In Ukraine, Signal downloads grow by 1.075% 01 Apr 2022 F. Me

In Russia, the download of VPNs and internet privacy apps is growing following sanctions and restrictions. This is revealed by the data from Sensor Tower and Quartz released by Statista. On March 15, for example, the Internet privacy app "". it was the most downloaded in Russia from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. In second and third place, respectively, a free VPN app and Psiphon, another Virtual Private Network service, followed by the Telegram messaging service. In Ukraine, however - reports Quartz - the most downloaded app is "Air Alarm" which warns the user in the event of an air, chemical and technological attack. The demand for encrypted messaging is growing Downloads of encrypted messaging apps, such as Telegram and Signal, have also grown rapidly since the day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Data from Sensor Tower shows that Signal, in particular, has been the protagonist of a huge increase in popularity in Ukraine and, to a lesser but still significant extent, also in Russia. Mobile app users in the two countries, looking for a way to communicate in the most complete privacy possible, have clearly flocked to these services as well as apps that offer VPN access. "Although Telegram has recorded more installations both in Ukraine and in Russia, Signal has had the best performances in terms of growth - explains Sensor Tower - In Ukraine the downloads of Signal increased by 1.075% from February 24 to March 20, rising from 67 thousand to 787 thousand. In Russia, the app recorded a growth of 286% ". "The mobile market provides a snapshot of user concerns and behaviors, and while it is not a complete picture, it certainly offers a glimpse into what consumers value most and what they need - continues Sensor Tower - In this chance is the security of communicating freely during such a turbulent period in which traditional options no longer work ”. COMMENT: old Italian proverb: Once the law was made, the deception was found. Read in the other articles of our sites the main opinions in the field of cyber-security and crypto-currencies and our brilliant solutions.