• Vulnerability is the door where hackers can enter in your site
  • VULNER is our software that find vulnerability in your site  in just five minutes
  • The European Privacy Law GDPR  suggest Vulnerability Assessment like our software VULNER
  • VULNER interface is very easy to use
  • VULNER show the manual with the button READ ME. It is simple and clear
  • The first step: VULNER show the list of all subpages of the site
  • The second step il called Analyzer
  • After the second step VULNER show the list of inner mail address: incorrect mail name may be a vulnerability that open the door of the site
  • The third step is Report, and VULNER create in five minutes the report like report of ethcal hacker realized in a week
  • We show a page of report.
  • VULNER is able to add new vulnerability to find

    The European GDPR talk also of Penetration Testing. But Penetration Testing have a problem: man may realize a damage and it needs contracts drawn up by lawyers between the client company and the penetration testing company.


  • VULNER is easier: NO LAWYERS, it is cheaper


  • this project has been frozen. Its strong point is that it makes a semantic analysis of the sites and generally is not identified. It can easily assert updated by identifying new types of malware to locate and inserting them into the very simple text file that is one of Vulner’s inputs.>