What the cyber attack in Italy means: here are the Killnet hackers close to the Kremlin May 11, 2022

They are close to the Kremlin and openly support the Moscow government's 'special operations' in Ukraine. Here are the Killnet hackers, who in the afternoon targeted various sites of Italian institutions, from the Senate, to the ISS, to the ACI. Also in the afternoon, not even the website of the Ministry of Defense was available for consultation, although in the evening the General Staff specified that the temporary blackout was due "to maintenance activities planned for some time, in progress on the site". Checks are underway to assess the real extent of the offensive, although at the moment there would be no infrastructural damage.

Attack by pro-Russian hackers: Italian sites knocked out, the Senate, the Ministry of Defense and the ISS are also targeted The Ddos (distributed denial of service) attack was claimed by the same group of pro-Russian hackers, who on their Telegram channel made it known that they had hit Italy and Spain and that "this may be the end for you" . Also from Telegram, Killnet invited over 57,000 subscribers to its channel to distort the results of the Eurovision Song Contest final, scheduled for tomorrow evening, by connecting to some internet addresses and altering the outcome of the vote. Among the most recent blitzes, there is also the one against British hospitals, with the threat of blocking the respirators of hospitalized patients. Romania has also ended up in the sights of cybercriminals - with the blocking of the sites of institutions and private companies - deemed 'guilty' of excessive solidarity with Ukraine.

The expert warns: "We cannot defend ourselves from Russian cyberattacks. Italy back in technology " Killnet, again through Telegram, has propagated the deeds of the Zarya battalion, another group of associated hackers, which allegedly pierced the portal dedicated to Ukrainian pensioners and published a list of over 62 thousand names, complete with email addresses and passwords, of users online. of the Kiev pension. Not only. The same pro-Russian collective, through the 'Jacky' group, is asking for help from other hackers to block some Polish and German sites which, in the next few hours, could be subject to attacks.

What does the cyber attack in Italy mean: here are the Killnet hackers close to the Kremlin - Il Tempo