WhatsApp at work to prevent account theft

According to the specialized site WaBetaInfo , an additional 6-digit code will be entered in addition to the one usually required to access the service. Here are the news coming soon 06 Jun 2022 F. Me

On WhatsApp a new function would be being tested aimed at adding an additional security step every time you make a new login via iOS or Android, to limit the phenomenon of account theft. This is reported by the specialized site WaBetaInfo. The goal of the function is to add another 6-digit code, in addition to the one usually required to log in with our phone number on another smartphone other than the one we use. So a different function from the two-step authentication already available, since in this case it is the access to a new device not previously registered with your account. When the first attempt to access WhatsApp will be successful to complete the procedure it will then be necessary to enter another 6-digit code. Whatsapp will send a message to the owner of the phone number to notify him of the login attempt. If this is legitimate, we will proceed with the insertion of the new code, which will therefore fully enable the use of the app and the profile on another device.