Why internal communication should prioritize the intranet by Redazione LineaEDP 09/06/2022 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Massimiliano Omodei, CEO of Thinsoft, explains the reasons why companies should entrust the intranet with the key role of internal communication.

"The purpose of a company's internal communication is to reach every branch of its structure, informing in an immediate, targeted and engaging way every single subject within the system. Where communication is allowed in both directions, which facilitates feedback and the sharing of points of view and ideas, the success and longevity of the intranet is guaranteed." The spokesperson for this message is Massimiliano Omodei, founder of Thinsoft, an Italian company that has been dealing with corporate intranets for over 20 years, proposing the WorkTogether platform. Never as in the last two years have companies been able to see and rediscover the importance of having effective and efficient communication platforms. We asked Massimiliano Omodei why internal communication should rely on the intranet. "First of all" – replies Omodei – "because an intranet improves the productivity of employees, quickly making available information, news and documents updated and to the right recipients, avoiding expensive searches for e-mails and paper files. Modern intranets such as WorkTogether allow you not only to get informed, but also to use process digitization tools, thus ensuring a further increase in productivity." "In addition, the adoption of an intranet" – adds Omodei – "increases innovation and competence in the workplace. The use of digital tools for corporate communication is an excellent incentive to accustom employees and managers to the use of technology, contributing to the improvement of the same and the improvement of their digital skills. Choosing innovative tools allows people to be more and more innovative. Another aspect to consider concerns the community of collaborators: if the purpose of internal communication is oriented to the enhancement of the corporate culture, the sense of belonging of employees will be more felt and valued, with a consequent decrease in employee turnover. A modern intranet allows you to effectively and directly transmit corporate values and not lose sight of them, without the risk of trashing or losing information, as can happen with an email or a newsletter. At the same time, when digital environments such as the intranet become a place of mutual exchange of ideas, it is easy to identify the brightest, most proactive and innovative minds: the intranet can therefore help recruit the best talents, offering spaces for the direct comparison of people that allow ideas to be born, to be more proactive and to enhance points of view." Omodei concludes: "The consequence of all this can only be an increase in the well-being of work in terms of happiness and serenity of employees. Just as a welcoming office frequented by positive and collaborative people can increase people's sense of well-being, so too can an intranet where every day all this happens with the same intentions, but in digital form, contributes to creating a more serene work environment".